Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Miracles Can't Really Happen Anymore

I've been waiting for a miracle to occur, but they don't seem to happen. Sure, I suppose people with illness can miraculously be cured. As far as the really spectacular miracles are concerned, I'm waiting for one of those. If someone could turn water into wine, that would be nice. It would be a great presentation on Shark Tank. Magicians perform miracles all the time, but we all know they are illusions. Moses actually came across a burning bush. Rather than extinguishing the fire, he talked to it. I guess the desert does weird things to your head. How about seeing an alien from another gallaxy landing in a place other than a trailer park, declaring how stupid we are to destroy our own planet? That would be special. We have lowered the bar for miracles. I would be happy if human beings would be respectful and kind to each other. These days, that would be a miracle.

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