Saturday, October 21, 2017

Pedestrian Attitudes When Crossing The Street

I never understood the weird attitudes of people when they walk across the street at intersections. It almost appears that they want to be hit by cars. The very thought of that is horrible, and horrific accidents like that happen everyday... but that's not really what I'm talking about. This is more about pedestrian attitudes. For me, the idea of crossing the street when there's the possibility of a large bulk of motorized steel coming at me, commands a certain amount of caution and respect on my part. I don't really trust other people, and most certainly not distracted drivers. If I'm not really careful, my existence could end rather abruptly. I look both ways before crossing. If I could, I would do a background check on every driver within a hundred feet of me. When I cross the street, I move my butt quickly. I sort of jog across the street. So, a pedestrian not being hit by a car is a "two way street". You must always assume that the oncoming car may not stop. Why do kids, teenagers, and vapid adults not get this concept? It's the younger people that cross the street with often a total lack of observance. It's as if they think they are indestructible. The attitude is that they dare you to hit them, cause boy, would you be in trouble if you did. They walk across the street as slowly as possible. Their eyes never observe anything. Some are connected to ear mounted sound systems that block out all surrounding environmental warnings, but most don't care anyway. We're not allowed to teach them any lessons here by nudging them with your bumper. No, we just need to tolerate stupidity. The only lesson to these ignorant pedestrians is an unintentional close call, or worse... and that might be a lesson that is far too expensive. Don't ever trust drivers. They could be texting, eating, talking, drinking, smoking... you name it. They could be just as vapid as you are... only they're sporting a death machine.

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