Monday, October 16, 2017

A Tale Of Two Ineffective Political Cities

So, there are two viable political parties. Both of which are not impressive these days. There is an Independent party, but there's liitle money or popularity behind it. That's our problem. It takes money to be successful. I don't think that was the idea behind political expression, but it's not surprising that this is where we ended up. The concept was that these two major parties would discuss the viewpoints and take the best aspects from both sides, employing those ideas into a good thing for the people. Well, nothing could be further from the truth now. Political agendas are simply to destroy the other side at the expense of the people. These parties have lost sight that they should endeavor to serve everyone, even those with varied versions of a viewpoint. You see, these is no middle anymore. There is no center. The trick may be to simply find the middle ground. It may be to represent the "center". Maybe that will be the new political success. Will someone step forward? Someond smart? Someone respectable? This just might be the perfect time. Problem is that anybody with those qualities might be too smart to get wrapped up in this world of crap. Better off running a sandwich shop.

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